24-1 Prayer Weekend
A date with the living God


1 Room – 1 Day – 24 Hours

We are inviting you to use our lovely and inspiring decorated room as a springboard to communicate with God! Make it a date with the living God, regardless of whether you already know Him or if you are holding back something from Him.



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Where: The Chapel in the polylux Office
When: Friday to Sunday, around 4x a year
Who: Everyone is welcome!
Plus: Kick-off and closing event

Your Date

You are invited to arrange a date with the living God, regardless of whether you already know Him or if you’re holding something back. You can relax with God, spew out your thoughts and feelings to Him, be happy or
sad, reason with Him, pray for your family or whatever your heart desires. Simply be there and the rest will fall into place!

We are convinced that this can be a bridge between
you and God.

The Idea Behind It

Simply said, it’s all about spending time with God. The general framework looks something like this; In a room for 1 hour long within a 24 hour shift. With a kick-off and closing event together.

Our prayer room is part of our charity’s office. We call it “The Chapel”. An inspiring, lovingly decorated room, acting as a springboard for you to talk with God.

Who's It For?

You are welcome! You can register under the »24-1 Mailing List«, so that you’ll receive all the important information beforehand. Or you can either get all the important information at the kick-off event.

Sign up to our

“24-1 Mailing List” here:

You will get all the information prior to the prayer weekend: dates, room reservations etc.
(around 4 emails a year)

Project Leaders:

Katharina Neumann, Frances McLaren und Raphaela Klemme

»We love to create spaces, where people can come to encounter God and be themselves. We hope that people will experience a safe and free environment, where they can discover God in the things that they love during this weekend.«

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