Polylux is a non-profit charity and social welfare organisation, which is situated on the Datzeberg – a housing estate in Neubrandenburg. We want to play an active role in shaping this neighbourhood. Since 2008, we’ve been catering to the social, spiritual and cultural needs of the people around us. We work with around 50 people on average.

Our Heart

The word “polylux” means much light. Light is an essential ingredient to life. Life brings about growth and development.

What we hope for and work towards is for everything that happens through the name of polylux to become brighter, warmer and more colourful. That life will unfold and beauty will prevail. As Christians we believe that this life-giving light comes from God and that He wants to shine through us, making Himself known to our fellow neighbours.



The Community Aspect

polylux is so much more than a social work charity that offers different projects. Behind polylux is a community of Christians who work together, eat together, argue together, pray together, dream together, celebrate together and solve crossword puzzles together. We are part of the international 24-7 Prayer network and we are fascinated by the idea of sharing our life with God, our neighbours and each other – in a way that is open and inviting. Our community is so much a home as it is a mental support for many of our employees at polylux.

Practice & Concept


We don’t just want to offer programmes that others can consume off. In fact, we want to walk alongside children, young people and adults through the encouraging process of self-empowerment. That means that we want to find ways with them in which they can shape their own lives and can positively influence their living environment.


What makes our work special is our location on the Datzeberg. In other words, the majority of our employees knowingly live in the area and not only share working life together in this respect but also freetime and in some cases private friendships with some of the people from the Datzeberg. We don’t just want to be identified as social workers but also as neighbours and friends.


Our volunteers have been the backbone to our work from the very beginning. We work with around 50 people on average. Some sporadic, the majority regulars. That makes us very happy and we do not take them for granted. Therefore it is all the more important for us to live a positive and appreciative employee culture. We hope that our volunteers can preferably work in their core competencies. To make this possible, it is an important part of our work for our employees to release our volunteers and to do the important behind-the-scenes work.


We are neither lone-wolves nor all-rounders. Therefore we partner with others to compile resources and make a positive impact in our neighbourhood. We’ll gladly work with religious or local partners and of course, with the residents of the Datzeberg.

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