Projects & Events

We love Projects

They create a diverse platform where we can invest in the people from the Datzeberg with heart and devotion and together we can make beauty visible.

Of course our programme of events and projects is partial to change from time to time but at the moment what we currently offer is;

24-1 Prayer Weekend

Taking place in a inspiring, lovingly decorated room, acting as a springboard for you to communicate with God. 1 room – 1 day – 24 hours of non-stop prayer. Make it a date with the living God.

Express Yourself

A screen printing project that encourages young people from the Datzeberg to approach the world of work in a positive way through honest, creative handiwork.

Balu and You - A Great Commitment to Little Personalties

A mentoring scheme between primary school kids and young people. One session a week with a child for one year. It´s so much more than giving up a couple of hours of your time.

CARIbuni – Family Afternoon

´We can only achieve family together´ and yes, maybe even as a neighbourhood!? An open afternoon for the whole family – of course with food!

Datzeberg Football Star

We love football – you too? Whether you can kick like Cristiano Ronaldo or haven´t really played football at all, it doesn´t matter – we want you here! Let´s play!

The Story

A film project about the greatest story ever told.´The Story´brings the treasures from the Bible to the place close to our hearts.

The Chapel

A chapel is a place of rest and meeting, creating a bridge between you and God. With creative prayer prompts to help you express your thoughts and feelings. Everyone is welcome.

schall.platte – the Choir from the Datzeberg

We sing songs from the radio and experience how we can grow together as a community and achieve something great! For all ages. Come and discover the musical talent within you!

Neighbourhood Work – Love Where You Live

The Datzeberg – our neighbourhood, our quarter. We want to be part of the Datzeberg culture: proactive, proud and supportive.

Christmas on the Datzeberg

Advent means arrival. We are in joyful anticipation of the arrival of the light of the world – also known as Jesus Christ! Time for bright and warm actions…


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