Christmas on the Datzeberg
Waiting on the Light of the World

The Light of the World

“Polylux” is a word deriving from Latin and Greek and it means “much light”.
It´s clear that we are looking forward to the »Light of the World«, especially with this name. Therefore we celebrate this season of Advent with a Christmas play.

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Where: polylux outdoor area
WhenDate to be announced
Special: Christmas market and singing songs

Get into the spirit

The Christmas play on the Datzeberg is the highlight of Advent and that is no secret. In the meantime, it has become a beautiful tradition for many residents of Datzeberg to get into the Christmas spirit together with many others from the neighborhood.

The Idea Behind It

For over 15 years, we have been organizing a Christmas program. This usually includes a modern nativity play, a Christmas-themed talk, music from a specially assembled band, singing Christmas songs together, and of course, small gifts.

In an approximately one-hour program, we come together to prepare for the reflective days ahead. Recently, ‘Christmas on Datzeberg’ has been taking place as an open-air event.

Who's It For?

Everyone is welcome at “Christmas on the Datzeberg”. Entry is free.

»The Christmas play has become part of the Datzeberg culture«

A quote from a local daycare teacher  

Project Leaders:

Ralf Neumann and Stefan Schlag 


+49 395 35176530


Alfred-Haude-Straße 7
17034 Neubrandenburg
+49 395 35176530

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