Christmas on the Datzeberg
Waiting on the Light of the World

The Light of the World

“Polylux” is a word deriving from Latin and Greek and it means “much light”.
It´s clear that we are looking forward to the »Light of the World«, especially with this name. Therefore we celebrate this season of Advent with a Christmas play on Christmas Eve.

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Where: The Old Sportshall on Rasgrader Street
When: Christmas Eve at 16:00
Plus: Free Christmas trees to take away
In cooperation with the Hope Church on the Datzeberg

Christmas Eve

The Christmas play on the Datzeberg is the highlight of Advent and that is no secret. Meanwhile, ringing in Christmas on Christmas Eve in the festively decorated Old Sportshall has become a lovely tradition for many of the residents of the Datzeberg.

The Idea Behind It

The Hope Church on the Datzeberg and polylux have been organising a Christmas
programme for over 10 years. This includes a modern nativity play, a Christmas-themed talk,
music from a put-together band, singing Christmas songs together, and of course small presents too.

We come together on this special day, taking part in a 45 minute programme.

Who's It For?

Everyone is welcome at “Christmas on the Datzeberg”. Entry is free.

»The Christmas play has become part of the Datzeberg culture«

A quote from the director of the local kindergarten  

Project Leaders:

Andrea and Tobias Rave 


0395-35 17 65 30


Alfred-Haude-Straße 7
17034 Neubrandenburg
+49 395-35 17 65 30

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