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Love Where You Live

As it has hopefully already transpired, the Datzeberg is very close to our hearts. The Datzeberg is completely underestimated in our opinion!
That’s why we love it even more whenever beautiful things happen in our neighbourhood. We are always happy to see individuals take part in the Datzeberg or those that have done so in the past. We work together with others to revive this neighbourhood, to make it livelier and more loveable.

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Where: On the Datzeberg
When: Spontaneous, needs-orientated, but also regularly at the City District AG Who: For all ages
Plus: Positive ideas from people from the Datzeberg for people from Datzeberg

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„Grassroots Movement“

Beautiful things often happen on small scales, which are only really noticed when you are
part of the neighbourhood. For example, in the past we helped parents put forward plans for a new play park and together with parents and children, we built a
willow dome.

Again and again, we contribute to the organisation of small and big festivals.

Neighbourhood Work

We are not here to fix the Datzeberg, by bending over the patient’s bed, running
diagnosis, giving instructions and then disappearing again.

We are actually well-known for moving into the neighbourhood to become part of the Datzeberg culture. We want to make positivity evident and if possible, support beautiful things.

District AG

On the institutional side of things, the District AG has been around for many years. It is
comprised of different social and spiritual charities, schools, nurseries and housing societies.
In addition to the networking element, the District AG organises parties and events for the neighbourhood. For example, we hold a Kids Festival and a Lantern Walk every year. In
addition to these events, large neighbourhood festivals are always organised (for example, the Datzeberg celebrated its’ 40th birthday last year) which are supported by many committed people from the Datzeberg.

Project Leader:

»Society has often given my neighbours the feeling that they were not important. That is degrading and dangerous. We believe that every individual is important, wanted and gifted. I love it when we can make that obvious in our neighbourhood!«

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