Caribuni Family Center
The relationship platform

Caribuni means Welcome

CARIbuni is an innovative neighbourhood and family-orientated service, run by Caritas Mecklenburg e.V. – one of our closest cooperation partners. We’ve been supporting the neighbourhood meeting point since 2010 through weekly assistance, for example at Family Afternoon. We lead a football club together and as cooperation partners we provide help to one another with the small and big projects when needed (e.g. holiday programmes). Yeah, we completely stand by CARIbuni!

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Where: CARIbuni – the neighbourhood meeting point from Caritas – Uns Hüsung 31
When: Wednesdays 14:00 – 16:00
Who: Children and their parents, as well as senior citizens
Plus: A meal together

The Family Afternoon

Every Wednesday, CARIbuni invites the entire family to an open afternoon. We try to learn something new but most importantly, we spend a lot of time together. We play together, cook together – and whenever you have a cool idea then we’ll try to put it into action together.

The Idea Behind It

CARIbuni has set itself the task of guiding children and young people through the framework of family and supporting parents or legal guardians in their responsibilities as carers.
To us, family isn’t just the small, nuclear family but also the older woman from the house next door who is lovingly called “Grandma” by the children, for example. We try to live together between generations and strengthen and appreciate the families in our neighbourhood. To enable relationships, deal with conflicts and live as role models.

– that inspires hope.

Who's It For?

CARIbuni is a project for all ages. Children and their families, as well as senior citizens are very welcome.

Project Leader:

Ralf Neumann 

»The best thing about the Datzeberg is the people who live here. Caribuni is a super place for relationships to be formed, where we can spend time together, do something beautiful and spin new ideas.«

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